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High-End Kitchen Remodels: Bold Colors, Ceramics, and Large Islands
For homeowners in search of an ultra-modern look for their new kitchen remodels. 2018 high-end kitchen remodels is all about fearless color choices, ceramics from the floor to the backsplash. Newly finished islands with butcher block or marble countertops. Complete high-end kitchen remodels are the name of the game as we enter the new year. Homeowners should prepare to budget for complete kitchen makeovers in 2018. We’re here to help with a few modern design ideas of our own for Columbus, Georgia homeowners.
h2: The oversized new look for kitchen islands
One of the hottest new and upcoming trends for remodeling your kitchen is the overstated island. Crafted by hand and made to stand out from the rest of your kitchen, consider a departure from granite countertops. In the new year, it’s all about butcher block and other natural stone or brightly colored ceramic countertops. If you have the room to swing it, consider using a few extra square feet in your new kitchen to add to the size of your updated island. You won’t regret having more space, added seating, and an attractive new look for your 2018 kitchen in Columbus, Georgia.
high-end kitchen remodels


h2: Brilliant backsplashes
Vividly colored backsplashes boasting colors like yellow, green, red. Especially blue glass are all the rave for new backsplashes to add a hint of color to your new kitchen. Backsplashes made of ceramic, glass, and stone are all part of this new look. These are easy to find online or at brick and mortar storefronts where kitchen tiles are sold.

high-end kitchen remodels

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high-end kitchen remodels


h2: Large, internally organized cabinets and brightly colored wood finishes
The future of kitchen cabinets is all about larger cabinet doors that open to wider spaces behind. Take the average size of cabinet doors installed from the 1990s to about 2015 and double it for the size of kitchen cabinets currently on-trend for 2018. Consider internal ways of organizing dishes, mugs, and other wares in your updated new kitchen.
h2: Getting rid of cabinets altogether: show off your kitchen’s guts


Converse to large new cabinet doors, another new trend is to entirely do away with cabinet doors and show off bright new dishes and other bright ceramics. For this, consider refinishing the wood behind current cabinet doors—make sure you re-sand and refinish all cabinet wood with new varnish or even brightly-colored paint to make your “behind the scenes” cabinetry stand out in your new kitchen.
h2: Don’t forget the floors
One of the most overlooked spots in high-end kitchen remodels in Columbus, Georgia is the kitchen floor. Oftentimes, homeowners forget to budget for a new kitchen floor when considering the scope of the project. All homes are different, and each home will have different needs, so be sure to check out all the options available, including travertine, ceramic, concrete, hardwood, bamboo, and cork to name a few.
If you plan on DIY-ing your new kitchen, including the floor, make sure you have all the tools of the trade you’ll need to get the job done correctly. And, unless you are a professional remodeler yourself, do not consider undertaking a travertine or hardwood kitchen floor, as you most likely don’t have the tools you’ll need to correctly measure, cut, or install tiles or wood.
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