DIY Carpet Installation

So you want to install your own carpet?
Coming from an installers point of view or mind set its not as hard as you may think, its pretty simple really, as long as you have the right tools to accomplish the task at hand.

First of all lets do a quick tool check, make sure you have these essential tools
Carpet Knife (different from a razor knife)
Stair tool ( even if your not doing stairs)
Power stretcher
Cushion Back cutter
Ball point pen
Carpet tractor
Carpet seaming Iron
Flat bottom tray from your tool box
broom and dustpan
Ok now your ready to tackle your project!

Now your material list, this could differ depending on what your surface is or how big your room is. Tackstrip
seaming tape
concrete stay nails
pad glue or hammer stapler
and carpet
Now you are ready to begin your DIY Carpet installation project with your tool list and supplies now lets get your mind wrapped around what it is your about to do. Think of this as your making your bed like the classic military bounce a quarter off the tight bed clothes idea. Keeping that in mind when you make your bed , in order to get the wrinkle to disappear you take your hand and push or pull the sheet in the tightening direction then tuck to hold it. This is the same principle your just using tools that move the weight of the carpet ( the Knee kicker ) instead of your hand. Instead of tucking it under your mattress you will tuck the ( Kicked )Carpet between the tackstrip and the base board.

Now you got it!!!

Seperate your room into the largest square you can, Now cut and tuck about 3 feet on one wall now go to the wall directly across from there and kick the carpet with the knee kicker about 3 feet and tuck it.
Now the closest long wall to you either on your left or right you need to just cut and tuck it. Ok are you still there lol. Now go back to where you started, the wall directly across from the fully tucked wall you need to kick and cut& tuck about 3 feet, repeat the full wall cut and tuck on the closest long wall to you. You should now have 2 fully installed walls. The 2 remaining walls will need to be kicked at an angle to the open corner and then cut and tucked.

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