Reclaimed wood floating shelves
Shelves are an important component of your house. If not to create storage for keeping items it will serve as a décor. If you are looking for a shelf that you will not have to spend much, you can go for this floating shelf. It requires no cost at all to set up. The most interesting thing about these types of set of shelves and drawers is that you can store many items in the drawer. Not only does it store them, you can also arrange them in such a way that you can conceal and hide some of the items from view. Oh, did I just say that is the best thing about them? How about the fact that they are easy to build. They are so easy that you can create so many in a day. Floating shelves can be used in various rooms of the house. Let us take a look at some of the uses.
Floating shelves will make any kitchen look awesome. The rustic look that it brings to your kitchen brings out its own style. It doesn’t matter the wood material you use though I prefer reclaimed, the shelf still looks catchy and its stores your dishes and cups quite well. Also, it makes a perfect space for displaying some of your cool accessories. If you want to make a natural and cool statement about yourself and your kitchen, nothing speaks for you like the reclaimed floating wood shelf.  
Living Rooms


The living room is another place you can use your reclaimed wood floating shelves. They fit into any space just fine and they make a bold statement on your wall. Having a dark thick floating shelf in front of a light color wall or a light color shelve in front of a dark colored wall will make a catching look and bring out style and class out of your space. If you are looking to bring out of the style out of your living room, the wooden texture of reclaimed wood floating shelf will go a long way in making your statement.
Home Offices
Another cool place where this floating shelves can be put to use is in your home office. Have you got a home office and wondering what type of shelf you need to get it running, a reclaimed wood floating shelf may be all you need.

The use of this trendy idea is to make your home office have a chic look. It will work for your home irrespective of your design and style of your home be it rustic, modern or industrial.

Home offices give a perfectly stylish look to your office.
Bathrooms are the most popular place where floating shelves are being used. Because of the small spaces in the bathroom, and the fact that most of the time, we find it hard to get enough space to keep our items. 

The use of a floating shelve help solve the problem of storage, and they can also help in displaying your items. You can set up a small floating shelve close to your mirror to keep all your makeup, and by so doing, you add texture to your bathroom.

These all-purpose shelves are functional as they are gorgeous. If you are looking for a shelf that is reinforced and will add strength to your house to properly keep your space stylish in but not in an expensive or in a too elaborate way, then a Reclaimed wood floating shelve which is frugal and only requires few material is just perfect for you.