Kerdi Shower Advantages
Whether to the do-it-Yourselfer (DIYer) or experienced installer, constructing a perfect shower is challenging. The preparation needed before the actual installation of tile, not even the shower is both labor intensive and time-consuming. Similarly, It also involves the use of specialty tools and products that may not be readily available to the homeowner. In reality, these products add a reasonable amount of weight to the structure of the home in particular.
Although the KERDI showers are not new, their global use in many of the modern shower constructions has started gaining momentum since the introduction of the kerdi drain. Nowadays, a lot of homes are built and flourished with new the support systems that can’t handle the weight of the conventional shower installation. As against the known traditional installation method, the kerdi shower system utilizes lightweight products that are simple and easy to install and readily available at the different stores, home centers or lumber yards.


The technology behind this system is to prevent the wetness of the substrate in the first place. The installation of the kerdi shower and its associated products especially the kerdi membrane requires a full-service of the sheetrock (drywall). Contrary to the widespread notion that drywall isn’t particularly useful in some wet areas, the use of a waterproof membrane such as KERDI enables this gypsum-based product to be used appropriately. Although products like Durock, wonderboard, Utilicrete, composite boards, and water-resistant drywall are also used, their preparation, weight handling, and cost of installation do not bring extra benefits to the final installation.
Prefabricated modules
The KERDI-SHOWER is particularly easy to handle. It is also simple to use since the two-part panels are folded at the construction site and connected. Just like the kerdi shower, the DRAIN floor drains with its connection sets come with a small number of connected and individual parts, which enhances the simplicity of the installation.
Furthermore, the adjustment of the grate assembly also adds to the advantages of the kerdi shower. All the insert elements enable the horizontal adjustment of the grate.


Cleaning and Drain capacity
Depending on the capacity of the drain required, you can select from a range of drain models with capacities ranging from 0.4 to 0.8 litres per sec in combination with the kerdi shower panels.
Without the odor traps, the frame and grate sets of Designs in three phases (1, 2, and 3) also boast an integrated dirt trapping screen. To cater for the disabled people, however, I’d recommend the construction of the central drainage design without barriers.
Tile formats
Perhaps the best advantage of the kerdi shower is that it does not limit the selection of tile formats. The shower can be used with any tile format; mosaics to stone and large tile format. This also applies to the particular anticipated traffic loads, for instance, from wheelchairs.
The installation of the tile ensures that the KERDI-DRAIN’s 4″ square grate design permits you to apply larger tile on the shower floor. This will lower the time required to install it. One of the things that’s particularly interesting here is that you can adjust it until the time you put the tile against it. Doing this, you have created a range of options for a greater selection of colors and textures over the standard mosaics.
However, it is important to note that the grate finishes are available in different forms including copper-bronze, brass, brushed anodized aluminum, and stainless steel.
From the preceding, it is obvious that the advantages of the KERDI shower system are many and varied. There is no need buy additional specialty tools or heavy backerboards, your time and costs of labor are greatly reduced.
The final result is a watertight and long-lasting installation that is popularly called the kerdi shower.