Fall 2017

Lets examine the bathroom (which is gorgeous BTW) in the new 2017 Fall issue of Kitchen and Bath HOME. The designer here did an awesome job , with the theme and colors , The choice of materials used can be easily found to use in your home at a suprisingly reasonable price for such a beautiful bathroom!
The FLOOR (not the one used) it was not identified, however the BLENDART color Naturals is an excellent choice, a little more defined rustic wood than what was pictured.

                                                                     This product can be had for around $8.00 per sq ft depending on the distributor, very high quality peice of tile.
The FREESTANDING TUB ( also a very nice touch ) this tub is and excellent choice,there again really similar to the one used.

Freestanding soaker tubs are VERY popular as of late. Paired with this Delta freestanding fixture this combination is an excellent choice! You can expect to invest around $2500.
The color they chose was very cool to say the least it really complimeted the entire bathroom, a Deep blue
This being a picture from online ( just to show the color) of the vanity really topped it off, you can expect to invest around $350 per ft with draw pulls self closing hinges and all the perks.
Here is where they there again did a great job with a tan color but im kinda leaning toward what is pictured here with this vanity white marble or granite paired with the aforementioned white soaker tub and BLENDART tile, expect to invest  around $120 sq ft.
Bringing together the blue vanity they did a brilliant job in the blue ocean waters wall canvas AMAZING
The PAINT to me looked to be a bright white with a grey hint. 
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