Renovating a historic house
Are you looking to restore a historic house back to its original form in the shortest time possible? Looking for tips on how to have your job done in the shortest time possible with minimum investment and still your home will look like the Augustusburg Palace in Bruhl? Today I will talk about how to do a historic renovation.
Many people in the United States and also in other parts of the world want to buy historical places which range back hundreds of years. Often they take the help of real estate practitioners to choose the perfect historical home. There are challenges for both a real estate agent and the client when it comes to the historic renovationprocess, choosing an architect for the job and also the budget.
I have seen many people who tried to make a  historic renovation of their home look like a Disney castle but at the end, they messed everything up due to their budget. It is not possible to buy a car with the budget of a bicycle. Here are my dos and don ts when it comes to historic renovation.
Have a good idea about your budget and expected work
You will need to have a good idea about what needs to be done in your home and how much it will cost you. For example, if you need to redo your bedroom and add some extra layers on your ceilings make sure that it will not cost you more than your budget. I will suggest that you do not renovate those parts of the house which look better as it is.
Hire a good architect
Having a degree from a University isn’t everything until you learn how to apply that knowledge practically. When it comes to hiring an architect, you will need to hire the best for your historic renovation project. Take interviews of at least four architects and the real estate agent should also be involved in the process. I will recommend that you hire someone who has done similar projects in the past.
Always involve your family
If your partner does not want to do a historic renovation, it is better to use that money someplace else. You should always take the decision of your closest family member into account when it comes to historic renovation. Their opinion matters a lot.
Do not delay the project
Once you start the project, do not stop or delay it. Remember that postponing a project will only increase its cost. I will also recommend that you do not change your requirements continuously.
Remember to tell your contractor to start the historic renovation work from the rooftop and the windows. If the house has a chimney, it may need special attention as well. To check, use your own hands to see whether any part of it is coming off on your hand. Do not forget to take help from technology as well!
Remodelling your Kitchen
Do you want to sell your old house anytime soon? Are you aware of the fact that renovation of your kitchen will increase its value when sold?  To tell you the truth, it is often a challenging task to remodel a kitchen and costs a lot of money.
How much will it cost for kitchen renovation?
There is no fixed value for the cost incurred from kitchen renovation. It depends on the size of your kitchen, materials to be used and also your geographical location to an extent. For example, if you are living in India, your renovation costs will cost much less than someone living in the U.S. In the U.S, Kitchen renovation costs range from $75,000 to as high as $125,000, whereas in India it can be one-tenth of that value. Custom cabinets, adding more appliances and also putting hardwood on the floor takes up a lot of money.
Where will my costs occur?
Kitchen cabinets will increase in cost as more appliances are added to them. Here is a list of all other places where you will have to spend money.
Kitchen appliances
Keep in mind that energy-saving appliances will increase the costs especially those made by Energystar. You should avoid buying custom-made appliances if you have a low budget. Do not try to buy used appliances even though their costs are lower. Keep a budget between $3000-$8000 for kitchen appliances.
Most flooring requires regular maintenance. Using Vinyl for flooring will not cost a lot but it will not last long. If you go for more expensive options such as ceramic or cork they will increase your resale value but also need regular maintenance and cleaning. You should keep a budget of between $4000-$7000 for this purpose.
Plumbing and electrical works
This part will require a lot of money or not at all. It is better not to do any plumbing work unless absolutely necessary. You can save around $2000 easily if you can avoid the hassles which come with plumbing. Similarly, I will recommend that you do not do any renovations to your gas lines unless you are planning to remove your kitchen top a new place in your home.
Electrical work is an essential part of kitchen remodeling. Make sure that you hire a good electrician and also replace any old electrical appliances since they are prone to accidents.
Always remember to appoint a professional to do your work. If possible, try to do some parts of the work by yourself to save costs. Do not forget to keep aside an extra $2000 just in case. Finally,choosing a quality contractor is essential, in achieving the highest quality renovation.JK