#Inspirational Wainscoting Ideas
Wainscoting is a great way to improve the look of 
any room or hallway. There are several different materials that can be used. Here are a few #inspirational
pictures we pulled from google photos.

Most of them are variations

of wood, other materials as we show here,
can be used as well depending on your preference .
Wainscoting can vary in height from 36inches from the floor
to 48 from the floor, basically depending on your ceiling height.
You don’t want to go too tall , leave the majority of
the sheetrock above the top of the wainscoting.
A simple chair rail piece is simply not enough
to give the effect. Adding a 6 inch or 8 inch baseboard  and changing the paint
color between the two to a heavier darker color is relatively inexpensive, but delivers
very drastic upgrade.
At Kennedy Kitchens and Baths our preferred , #luxury inspired wainscot is  the heavier
 Style 8 inch tall base boards and ½ plywood for
the wall between  the bottom and top piece. Staining of all the wood will definitely take the
level of #luxury up about 10 notches incorporating judges panels
will put the icing on the cake


The style we like to call #Southern Living is where the base boards are
A 8 inch square top base and a 4inch top chair rail, but between the two
spacing wood strips at 12 to 16 inches running vertical really
brings  out the country look.

A lot of exterior southern #home styles

have this type #woodwork, hence the name. This type also really
looks superb with the adjoining rooms
incorporating some ship lap type
Depending the setting, popular as well is the tin

type wainscoting

with a wide variety of styles to choose from you are bound to
find one that fits your unique #style and #decor!


We hope some of these inspiring wainscot ideas have helped you in
your quest to beautify your home!! As always feel free to give us a call
@706-888-8832 if you have any questions, and visit our Youtube page
For more inspirational ideas!!
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