Heart Pine Floors – Elegance
Heart pine floors scream elegance! No matter the generation you are from the
use of heart pine floors in your home will not only bring out your
taste for the finer things in life it will last a lifetime. Heart pine floors
have a distinct yet unique look sought after by finest designers the world over.


Regardless of the type of home Estate, Country, Mansion or a mass produced spec home the
addition of heart pine floors, yet costly for the initial investment, will
positively be the conversation topic. Recognized by quality #renovationprofessionals,
Contractors and designers alike as the Rolls Royce of wood flooring.


Derived from recycled trees dating back as far as the 1600’s it’s still to this
day just as breathtaking to look at as then. Regular maintenance and the use of non- harsh chemicals is key
to preserving it’s elegance. Showing wear through the years is normal and beautiful when it
comes to this type of wood floors. One of the very few floors that age gracefully. Surviving 100’s
of years underfoot of Kings and Queens (possibly) surely deserves a few scratches, the stories
this timber could tell!! Adding character with every imperfection proves its striking beauty is not  3,5,or 7
ply deep it’s to the core.
Highly sought after, ranking above carpet, tile and laminate , hardwood floors prove
to be excellent choice for any home owner, so why not choose the best of the best
Heart Pine has certain stood the test of time why not make its final
resting place solely the benefit of you and your guest !!
Check your local specialty lumber yards for availability of this unique, legendary
Product. Carefully choose your installation professional
when it comes to heart pine floors.
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