Are you planning to remodel your bathroom but do not want to make a call to an expensive interior designer? Are you trying bathroom remodeling for the first time? If yes, then we got your back. In this article, we will be sharing expert bathroom remodeling tips that would make this adventure of your life more exciting.


Bathrooms are the most favorite places for homeowners to remodel. It has various reasons behind it. Bathrooms increase the value of the home when remodeled correctly. Which makes the remodeling job a great ROI. 

If you want to make your bathroom remodel more attractive, efficient and cost-effective, keep sticking to this article to know the top 11 bathroom remodeling tips:

Planning is what makes us superior to other living things. Before you hire someone to start remodeling your bathroom, you should first discuss it with others who use this space. Make proper criteria about what bathroom style you want to acquire, whether you want a vintage bathroom or a modern one with various technologies. 


Choose the vanity fixtures and new sink designs. You can consider switching from a tiny tub to a larger shower. As the last step of the planning section, evaluate the total budget. 

Keeping an extra budget is important because we never know about upcoming problems that might increase later costs. Experts advise you to keep at least 20% of your budget to cover unpredicted issues. 

Moreover, you should know that bath remodeling might take about 30-90 days. So, prepare yourself and your family mentally for the renovation project if you have a hard time choosing a new style for your bathroom. You can explore the internet as it’s full of various inspirations about the latest beautiful bathroom remodeling styles.

  • Choose Cost-effective Bathroom Style -Bathroom Remodeling Tips

    Bathroom Remodeling Tips

    Credit: Kennedy Kitchens and Baths

People make a mistake while choosing bathroom style because they only focus on bathroom space. According to experts, while bath remodeling, keep in mind the layout of your entire house. 

Choose a cost-effective design and correspond to the entire look of the house. Does your favorite bathroom layout go well with the house? By corresponding, it doesn’t mean that you have to match everything perfectly to blend with home décor. A little bit of contrast of colors is also quite admirable and recommended. 


For instance, it is unnecessary to have bronze handles on each door. Moreover, if the bath you want to remodel is with the master bedroom, blending might be difficult. It is suggested to use light colors so that the bath doesn’t overshadow the bright theme of the room. 

If it would help think of remodeling as a “user perspective” rather than a “design perspective”. In short, choose an effective design to use the bath space properly. 

  • Customize Your Bathroom

A standard bathroom design lacks much as compared to a customized one. If you customize your bath according to your choice, you can fill it with matching cabinets, countertops and several vintage fixtures. 

A customized bathroom will take your remodeling to the next level. Custom designed things are always one step beyond the standard ones, as these include your preferred items. For instance, you can go for popular or trending options like floating vanities and double-wide sinks. 


You can also modify the cabinets according to your favorite wood or a specific color. Although, ensure to plan the customization according to your budget. A customized bath is recommended because you will use the space, so it must be remodeled according to your taste. 

  • Convenient Bath Ventilation

Proper ventilation is the most important thing to consider while remodeling bathrooms. A lot of inexperienced homeowners often neglect this aspect while remodeling. If you desire your bath remodel project to last for many years to come, then ensure convenient ventilation.


Improper ventilation leads to many issues, such as the growth of mold and mildew, which leads to serious havoc and might ruin your latest expensive bath upgrades. Thus, to prevent future problems, ensure a proper ventilation area in your bath. 

  • Maximize Your Space – Bathroom Remodeling Tips Trending Styles

Empty spaces in the bathroom don’t look good. So, try to use all the space in your bathroom. If you have a smaller bath, use your critical thinking to make it look bigger. 

Enhancing small baths as bigger is easier than you might imagine. You just need to keep a few things in your mind. Firstly, prefer glass doors for tubs and showers. Because glass doors are the perfect solution to make your bathroom look splendid. 


As for sinks, use pedestal sinks as they require less space and will go well with your bath layout. Those with bigger baths can use cabinets, tower cabinets and towel racks. But if your bathroom is small, avoid these as they will make the space look congested.

  • Go For Durable Flooring Instead OF Stylish Ones

When you get the idea of bath remodeling, you might want to make everything fancier and stylish. But that’s a big blunder. The report shows that about 80% of homeowners prefer durable flooring instead of stylish ones. 

The reason for choosing durable flooring is clear that it will last longer. Porcelain, ceramic and plain tiles can be your next option because they look pleasing to the eyes and are water-resistant and reliable for a long time. 


Baseboards are also a perfect option as they offer both durability and elegant style. Since you will walk along your bathroom floor every day, ensure that the flooring isn’t too delicate and can bear some beating. 

Moreover, don’t choose a bad quality material just because it looks good. You are doing this upgrade with your hard-earned money. That’s why to look for a quality perspective as well as beauty perspective. Go for flooring that can manage moisture damage and foot traffic. 

  • Add Plants to Give a Living Color

Plants give a lively and pleasant look to your bathroom. It will not only freshen the air. But it also provides visual relaxation to the mind. A bathroom is usually warm and humid, so keep that in mind while choosing plants. 

Various plants are easily available to survive in warm and humid areas. Moreover, floating plants are most favorable and trending these days. So, pick plants with floating pots to give a magical look to your bathroom. 


Some pleasant plants that can survive the humid and warm atmosphere are Orchid, ZZ Plant, Moss, Begonia, Snake Plants and Air Plants. Snake Plants are often used as indoor plants due to their sleek design and low maintenance requirements. 

  • Lighting Matters – Bathroom Remodeling Tips11 bathroom remodeling tips

Think to yourself, do you like a bathroom with dull lighting? Not! Thus, the lighting aspect is also crucial to notice while planning the remodel. 

Before choosing to light, think if it is enough for the usage aspect of the bath. In a place where people have to inspect their face, hair, or body, dark lighting is never suitable. 


Moreover, do not fall for a lighting arrangement just because it looks good. Think through the user perspective and choose accordingly. A perfect lighting device that will add sweetness to your late-night baths is the dimmer switch. It’s a perfect up-grade to your bathroom. 

Also consider putting a row of bulbs around the mirror. It will be helpful while doing a makeover. It will also give an aesthetic touch to your bath area. 

  • Protect Lower Section of Bathroom Walls

Another crucial error people make during bath remodeling is unguarded bathroom walls. The bathroom is a 24/7 moist area. That’s why proper safety of walls is necessary. People usually neglect the lower section of walls. As a result, they have to repair moisture damage on walls after a few days of renovation. 

Beadboard is often used as a safety layer to prevent moisture damage. It includes two great functions. Firstly, it’s very easy to install and adds an antique look to the bathroom. Secondly, it protects the lower section of walls from inevitable splashes from the tub or shower. 

Using oil paint on beadboard gives max level protection against moisture attack. If beadboard doesn’t go well with your theme, you can also go for tiles. Tiles wainscot on bottom 40 to 50 inches of the wall serves the same purpose as beadboard. Moreover, tiles allow you to choose from a wide range of styles. 

There is also an option of installing Gypsum Wall Panels. Gypsum Wall panels provide both a protection layer and a sleek modern design. Gypsum wall panels are expensive but are durable and pleasing to the eyes. They also come up in various designs. Thus, choose the protection layer according to your remodeling budget. 

  • Add A Little Bonus

    bathroom remodeling tips

    Credit: Kennedy Kitchens and Baths

While remodeling your bathroom, adding a few luxuries can make your space look special and superior. If you’re going for a modern bath remodel, then a few little luxurious touches would make a big difference. 

Heated floors are often used as a bonus in bath remodels. Imagine stepping out of the shower in winter, and you get a warm sensation under your feet. It will bring relaxation as well as enjoyment. This flooring is luxurious and makes economic sense by giving you a feeling of toasty toes. The feeling of a heated floor can’t be beaten by anything else.


After the heated floor, another advanced treat you can have is heated towel rails. Is there anything better than wrapping a pre-heated towel after getting a shower? Absolutely Not! 

You can also go for modern cabinets and wall designs other than heating items if your bath has enough room. Wall-mounted cabinets and sinks add a modern look and open up the floor space. Moreover, wall-mounted accessories also make your bathroom look spacious. These little luxuries can give magical effects to your bath remodel project. If your budget allows you, then you must go for these extras.  

  • Include More Mirrors

Most homeowners have the wrong idea that mirrors in the bathroom are only for makeup or adorning hair. But experts think of mirrors as styling elements. A proper number of mirrors will expand the room visually and add light to the bathroom. 

In addition to the primary mirror above the sink, you should also consider adding stylish mirror designs in the bath to give a sleek modern look. It will add to the beauty of the bath and make it look more luxurious. 

Furthermore, you can skip countertops to increase the bath space. You can use stylish hooks instead of countertops. Hooks will give a classic vintage look to your bath. Another purpose of hooks is to manage towels, bathrobes and all clothing stuff. 

Choose hooks to avoid congesting your space with wide countertops and where to put the hooks. We got your back. The most durable areas to install hooks are on the back of the bath door, on the side of cabinets or unused sections of walls. 

Now that you have learned the experts’ bath remodel tips, rush to get your dream bath area with less up-gradation.



Sometimes, the smallest details can make a big difference when it comes to bath renovations. We have collected the top 11 bathroom remodeling tips to ensure a durable up-gradation. If you don’t have much time for remodeling, you can get paid help. With our professional team on hand to guide you every step through this process, there’s no need to worry about getting lost in all of the choices out there.


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